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Tips for using a multifunctional breakfast car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

This is a topic that has always been mentioned in the catering industry: homogeneity is serious. In this situation, a successful innovation may form its own unique identity and gather its own customer base. In the case of information exchange, what should an operator do? Let's take a look at this breakfast car.

One morning a few years ago, when I was passing by this intersection, I happened to see a lot of people waiting in line, so I came with curiosity See what is attracting everyone. The price list I took is what I saw at the time. Their main business is also wraps, ordinary sauces and eggs, but two of them are very new, namely fried eggplant box and fried lotus root box.

But the form is new, what about the experience? I bought one each and tasted it. I won’t say much about the taste. Since that day, I have also become one of the customers of this breakfast car. I will often run long distances to buy some for my family or friends. After making them amazing, admire it.

Through your experience, I have also analyzed that the beauty of this innovation is that it is an alternative form of matching and combination of flavors, which tastes excellent. , And the most core meat filling is made with some homemade seasonings. It makes people always have an aftertaste that can not be stopped, and the cost is just right, the profit margin is not small, but it makes customers feel very affordable, which can really be called It's a coup.

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