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Troubleshooting of various types of sanitation garbage trucks that cannot be driven by electric sightseeing vehicles

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

  Fault inspection and analysis points

  Electric sightseeing car cannot be used

  01. Battery terminal is oxidized

   Whether the battery terminal is oxidized (corroded), if If there is oxidation, disconnect the power supply, remove the nut, clean the terminal and install it.

  02. Improper driving control procedure

   Whether it is improper driving control procedure, if the control step is wrong, please correct it.

  03. Insufficient battery power

  Whether the battery power of the electric sightseeing car is insufficient, if so, please charge it.

  04. The forward/backward switch is damaged

   Is the forward/backward switch of the electric sightseeing car damaged? If so, please replace it.

  05. The accelerator is damaged

   Is the accelerator damaged? If so, please replace it.

  06. Motor is damaged

   Is the motor damaged? If so, please replace it.

  07. Directional contactor is damaged

   Is the directional contactor damaged? If so, please replace it.

  08. Poor contact of cable connector

   Whether it is a poor contact of the wire harness connector, if so, please repair or replace it.

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