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Unique Mobile Cart design

Unique Mobile Cart design


         A portable food stand is a mobile kitchen that is set up on the street or inside a shopping mall to facilitate the sale of fast food. Food stall is often found in large cities throughout the world, You can find a food cart everywhere, To start a food retail business, Such as candy retail carts in mall. A unique design food concession cart is necessary.

        How to find a food crepe cart design? You can search the image on google and find so many different models. However, Jiexian Kiosk provides free food cart design service.  Here below are simple steps to get one design.

        Working with our sales and negotiate what idea in your mind. (the size, model function requirement, and color )

Pay deposit to start a mobile cart design/(This design fee is refunded  when you build the cart in our company)

Provide 3D illustration images and detailed construction drawing.

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