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Use of fruits and vegetables selling car matters need to be aware of - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-09
Fruit vegetables selling the car now has fill in our day, and very lunchbox. Let's use of fruit and vegetables sold in car, the contact problem is safe under this article will give us instructions, how to use fruit vegetables selling the car to ensure its safety. In use, the following points must be aware of. First, clean protection, must cut off the power supply, the prevention and treatment of unexpected things attack, prevent water directly scour, prevent water from entering the car, damage the circuit system. Secondly, in the use of fruit and vegetables selling car, due to electricity, so this aspect is bound to see to understand, about the various electrical components before starting the connection is robust to see the good. Again, dock, to dock on the steady bearing, left and right side without burning more than 10 cm, not from non-combustible material should be more than 20 cm. Other, parked near the appropriate power switch, fuse and leakage protector, in front of the switch is not allowed to pile up sundry, lunch. The above narrative is about fruit and vegetables sold at four o 'clock this car use to ensure safety, proper operation, talent to ensure its security, hope everyone in the operation of fruit vegetables selling car, all in strict accordance with the requirements to operation.
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