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Using the multi-function snack car - to take care of that place Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-10
Utility methods to the application of detailed and snacks is to pay attention to matters, just for the operator of the next let's explain in detail, and hope we can through the introduction of this article to the more know the products of our factory, related introduction let's look at together, assume that there are other problems can contact our workers! Utility snack car using a temporary pay attention to several issues. First, when using the snack car, to pay attention to the kanto cook, teppanyaki, burn oven equipment condition, prevent the attack security issue. Secondly, after using, to wash clean the machine, adhere to the machine clean sanitation. Once again, after receiving the snack car, unpacking check each part, in transit without screw loosening, from head to the carton. Again, time, has been used to wash clean the parts, make sure to clean sanitation of food. Other, when used, the early snack car placed in a * * * still more local, ensure the snack car came early. After all, stop using, to ensure that snack car came early, to prevent early snack car sliding, to ensure safety.
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