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What about the maximum supply of ice cream trucks by Jiexian Food Trailer per month?
The maximum supply of ice cream trucks by Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd. varies from month to month. As the number of our customers continues to increase, we need to improve our production capacity and efficiency to satisfy the growing needs of customers day by day. We have introduced advanced machines and invested heavily in completing several production lines. We also have updated our production technologies and hired senior technicians and industry experts. These measures all contribute a lot to us in processing the increasing number of orders more efficiently.

Jiexian Food Trailer is an enterprise specialized in hot dog cart, which owns a leading technical team from this trade. Jiexian Food Trailer's pizza trailer series contains multiple sub-products. Our adherence to rigorous industry standards for quality fully guarantees that the product is of the premium quality. Made of high-quality steel, its exterior structure features high strength. The heavy-duty work which man can never do can be done by this product. With the aid of this product, such jobs can be done easily. High-quality galvanized square tubes and plates are used to build chassis, ensuring it strong enough.

We understand that giving back is what drives us to success. We encourage employees to donate time, energy, or money to their communities, such as cleaning up parks or volunteering at homeless shelters. Ask!
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