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What are the requirements for electric design style of dining car - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-28
Electric diner is now widely used in a product in our day, not only can we supply bento for breakfast, and the dining car is environmental protection, and the price is not high, such as many entrepreneurs to choose a product. But about the dining car maintenance should be how to do? In this paper, we explain. All maintenance of the electric diners are divided into three kinds, respectively is the vehicle maintenance, the maintenance and the state of the body. And maintenance of car body beauty habits said again. Primary intention is to eradicate car in vitro and in vivo oxidation and corrosion, and then to protect it. It first include: paint maintenance, cushion carpet maintenance, car bumpers, skirt and maintenance, machine maintenance, appearance plating processing and maintenance, leather, plastic and maintenance, tires, wheel hub, warranty, maintenance, windshield chassis maintenance, maintenance of motor appearance. Vehicle maintenance is eternal youth, in order to make the car the car maintenance purpose is to let the electric dining car travel hundreds of thousands of * * * no overhaul, ensure that electric diners at * * * skill. It first include: smooth, department, cooling system, brake system maintenance, commonly known as a/change. Is the body set up different principal contains deep scratches, diagnosis and management of information more bumper corrections, wheel hub corrects the shortcomings, the data set of leather, chemical fiber, launch machine color vision, etc. Electric diners planning look slim, active, and wake intentions active selling cars, is advantageous for the car from the flank face opening and closing, wings after the opening and closing can be used as an umbrella, can keep out sunshine, rain. Dainty and exquisite car makes you in a different address, different time, dock can be comfortable and operations, to ensure the operation of the lunch. Lunch your operations. No matter where is a beautiful beautiful scenery, fashion, vitality, dynamic image. Not only can park in the population that is full of leisure square, pedestrian street, station, theatre, wharf, campus, celebration event, sports venues, tourist attractions and other places, can also open to the urban, suburban, rounds, on-site manufacture sale, health and fresh. Also can make the operator bento lunch a continuous operation preparation and completion of operation, has a strong season habitual, dry season may be operating in winter, days journey useful operation. Edge of the rear and two local lights and ribbons, supply the operation of the night lights, car tail liquid crystal TV can as advertising to promote.
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