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What electric wheeled round the dining car is made of - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-26
Now ubiquitous electric four-wheel diners mostly posture almost, but speaking of the internal structure is not completely the same, assume that as a customer you don't have any other requirements, let's give you a customized electric four-wheel diners so. First, electric four-wheel diners at both ends for double deck glass fiber reinforced plastic, with high strength. Anticorrosion. Light weight. Insulation and fire protection features. Electric four-wheel diners choose double back with insulating layer: (choi steel center Light steel special plate) In front of the window for endurance plate: equipment at the bottom of the motorcycle wheel. Second, wheeled electric wheeled round the dining car is solid, wheeled a total of 4, 4 a jack. Electric four-wheel dining car after car fixed able to support body, bringing down the jack moves beat jack up and wheeled in pushing a can. Electric four-wheel meal station bearing is made of manufacture, laying plastic flooring, the car is punctuated with water leakage. Chassis is 4 * 4 iron pipe welding, consolidate the robust. Again, electric four-wheel dining car shell color, title, all planning can according to customer's request to make to order, special spray car paint to the spray system for both of us, role. Join the whole car parts made waterproof, to ensure that the rain still can normal operation, not leak leakage. Electric four-wheel dining car body materials: two data for the double deck glass fiber reinforced plastic, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, insulating, fire characteristics. Electric four-wheel diners backplane choose double choi steel center with insulating layer; Before the mask for endurance plate; Equipment at the bottom of the motorcycle tires and high-speed bearing; With four 800 kilograms of car roof. Stainless steel ambry, store content ark, goods shelves, these are essential equipment, light does not demand users your prompt, we will also be reasonable planning arrangements for you, but for the sake of higher safety coefficient, like flame-out protection devices, combination lock guard these are optional don't you choose.
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