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What events should be avoided when using an electric dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-18

What events should be avoided when using an electric dining car?

Users try to avoid the following events when using an electric dining car, for your own safety , Be sure to read the news content of this issue:

1. The electric dining car should be pedaled to help when starting and climbing, to avoid excessive starting current, long-term overloading of parts, and motor coils. , The overheating hazard of the battery and the governor, and even become a disaster.

2. The electric dining car is of low quality or long-term use. The temperature of the charger is often very high, which can easily cause a fire. Therefore, you should not be careless when charging at night.

3. Check the electrical circuit plug-in points of the electric dining car to avoid touching points that are not firm enough to cause the touch points to ignite and heat; to avoid the aging and wear of the lines and the formation of short-circuiting and electrical accidents.

Fourth, the battery will run out of flammable gas when the electric dining car is charging, so the charging must not be carried out in the storage room, basement and other environments to avoid the production of explosive gas mixtures.

5. Lithium batteries should be the first choice when purchasing electric dining car power supplies. Due to the large capacity and low pollution, lead-acid dry batteries should be used to avoid pollution, corrosion and damage caused by electrolyte leakage.

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