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What is the importance of tire pressure for food trucks?

What is the importance of tire pressure for food trucks?


         I believe everyone is familiar with the food cart. We can see it in normal times. Its appearance has brought us great convenience. So how much do you know about its knowledge? Let me briefly introduce the importance of tire pressure for food trucks.

         The tire pressure of a dining car is very important. The stability of the tire pressure is related to the power consumption performance. In addition, the unstable pressure can easily cause a car tire to blow out, which is dangerous. When we find that it has worn out the tire signs, we need to replace the tires. Different tires need to be replaced in different ways. If the tire rotation interval is generally 10,000km for a new car, then the tire will be rotated after driving 10,000km. In addition, indicate the direction of rotation of the tire during use to ensure that this type of tire is reinstalled in the same direction of rotation. At the same time, pay attention to safety when inflating, and check the air pressure with a barometer at any time to prevent the tire from bursting due to excessive inflation.

         The above is the relevant knowledge points of the food cart. I hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone. Thank you for your watching and support. More information will be compiled for you in the later period. Please pay attention to our website for updates.

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