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What need to pay attention to when using flow diner - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-10
Activity the dining car is one of the most common breakfast, it brought lunch, to the day of our primary activity is the dining car is equipped with a full set of cooking Fried function, can completely in the car is finished, and the activity of dining car itself has very good security, firm, so let's use what time pay attention to matters? Activity activity is able to produce all kinds of breakfast diners, generally above will have draw out of the oven, steaming Fried amphibious furnace, also can heat the milk, porridge and soybean milk, also changes the traditional barbecue together hard, rough faults. High temperature environment will make the battery internal pressure to add, make a battery liquid drop, to speed up the aging, prevent charging plug will fever, heating time is too long will cause short-circuit plug is perhaps a touch bad, damage the charger and battery in a losing electricity condition check the battery, very briefly present the sulfuric acid salinization, lead sulfate crystal attached on the plate, clog electric ion channels, constitute a shortage of charging, the battery capacity decline. Losing electricity situation placed the longer the time, the heavier cell damage. When the battery don't have to, therefore, should compensate electricity once a month, so can insist on the battery health status. Punctuality, in use process, the assumption is that the car of breakfast line continuation journey within short time and then dropped dramatically more than 10 * * *, it may very well be the most rare a battery in the battery pack problem.
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