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What need to pay attention to when using mobile snack car - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-09
Street, barbecue snacks cars everywhere, traditional barbecue grill type are now rare. With the level of citizens' day, environmentally friendly smoke-free barbecue gradually by people inherit. Modern barbecue snack car of choice is porcelain plate heat insulation, baked food fast, and there is no lampblack, the following introduce green smoke-free barbecue snack car use. Barbecue, leave the barbecue snack car, the traditional carbon baking, apply to the oven is very brief. And now to promote environmental protection, smokeless barbecue pits, finished barbecue skills and to use a new transformation. Oven choose ceramic plate heat insulation ability of modern technology, baked food faster, no soot, and how will the skills of a smoke-free barbecue pits to the dripping wet is elegant, and it's correct use of the method is also inseparable. Use method: 1, should check whether through pipeline before use, and whether by prison rear can use. 2, the oil collecting basin into the appropriate moisture, adhere to the amount of water that must prevent drab. Assuming that water after working, want to take out the stove chassis, to participate in the water again. 3, gas total valve, open box to produce factory, and then opened the barbecue snack car on the right side of the red switch, and turned to the left, with burning, burning ceramic kits, and opened the oven fan. 4, burning admitted: burning, burning ceramic kits, is a bunch of flame burned on the board, burn burned across the board. Assume that did not see a light blue flame on the ceramic plate, stainless steel box, this is not on fire, burning, from scratch, please burn until the suspension. Just preliminary visible thin flame burning plate appearance, about 1 minute after flames gradually receding, embodied in the halogen-light and transmition. 5, after the use, should be air burned main switch and the switch is closed. Cleaning and maintenance: 1, cleaning and maintenance should be closed when burned electronic switch, to prevent accidents attack. 2, cleaning, oil collecting basin can be take out clean, use a wet towel to wipe furnace body appearance. 3, grill, long food debris piled up, should often pay attention to reflect clean burning plate, to prevent clogging, available steel needle often to see if there are any more blockages that microporous ceramic burning board. 4, prevent water cleaning furnace head directly, affect the burner using transient.
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