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What need to pay attention to when using multi-functional dining car - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-10
Utility diners to use some matters need to be aware of. First, when using the snack car, to pay attention to the kanto cook, teppanyaki, burn oven equipment condition, prevent the attack security issue. Secondly, after using, to wash clean the machine, adhere to the machine clean sanitation. Again, after receiving the snack car, unpacking check each part, in transit without screw loosening, to reinforce from scratch. Start-up, commissioning to wash clean the parts, make sure to clean sanitation of food. In addition, when using, the early snack car placed in a * * * still more local, ensure the snack car came early. After all, stop using, to ensure that snack car came early, to prevent early snack car sliding, to ensure safety. Utility diners work station for stainless steel mesa, choose a molding FRP manufacturing shell, has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, moistureproof, heat insulation and other characteristics. Back to the top choose double thickening caitu, insulation board; Wings is a to switch wings, wings to the endurance plate or the color steel plate. Wings with car hydraulic rod support, switch's lunch.
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