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What precautions should be adopted in the process of car use breakfast - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-03
Breakfast now can be seen everywhere in the street, can saying is the welfare of the students and office workers, but car will not be looked at as a brief for breakfast. Also want to pay attention to many problems, the following will give us the way, in the process of car use breakfast should be aware of what. Punctuality, in use process, the assumption is that the dining car journey of line continuation suddenly dropped dramatically within a short time, it may very well be the most rare a battery in the battery pack problem. At this point, should be repaired in a timely manner to sell centre or acting department view, correcting, or group. This can relatively extends battery life spans, * * * to save your spending. Prevent charging plug fever: 220 v power plug or charger output plug is loose, touch the phenomenon such as surface oxidation will cause plug heating, heating time is too long can lead to plug short-circuit or touch bad, damage the charger and battery, bring you unnecessary loss. So found that the above situation, should be timely the eradication of oxide or replace connectors.
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