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what's the multi-functional food cart?

what's the multi-functional food cart?


        The multi-functional food cart is practical and convenient, interchangeable, can make reasonable use of the store area, and can eliminate the dull and monotonous image of ordinary containers, add cultural atmosphere, and attract customers' attention. In tourist attractions, temple fairs, antique counters and buildings, the connection is more natural and can bring about effective use of business area. It is even a harmonious beauty.

        The gourmet snack cart can make a variety of flavor snacks, breakfast, supper, and so on. The general breakfast cart is equipped with a drawer-style steamer, a dual-purpose oven for frying and steaming, which can be used to make heated milk, porridge, soy milk, etc., and it can be equipped with a fryer and drink. A restaurant is required for catering, while a gourmet snack cart does not require a shop. No rent, no decoration, no chef, no equipment, baking, frying, rinsing, frying, and steaming are omnipotent.

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