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What should be the most important thing in front of the epidemic?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

This epidemic (2019-nCoV【NCoV (novel coronavirus)), a newly discovered virus that can spread from person to person, a new virus similar to SARS (SARS) .]) New coronavirus [Coronavirus belongs to the Coronavirus family (Coronaviridae) in the system classification, Coronavirus (Coronavirus). 】The spread of SARS is faster than the previous time, with a wide range and a large number of deaths. It is more likely to infect people, because its transmission methods are: droplet transmission, contact transmission, fecal-oral transmission, and aerosol transmission. Fortunately, our people have not panicked because of this. They fully believe that our country believes that the government has the ability to solve it. Only in this way can it help our government to carry out prevention and control work.

Although the epidemic is raging, our country has quickly adopted various prevention and control measures, in the shortest time The virus is a type of non-cellular microorganism with very small particles, nanometers as the unit of measurement, simple structure, and strict parasitic properties. It reproduces and reproduces. ] Successful separation will lay a solid foundation for epidemic prevention and control. According to current statistics, the number of confirmed cases, suspected cases, and deaths is gradually decreasing, while the cure rate is gradually increasing. As the Chinese nation [The Chinese nation is the collective name for all ethnic groups living on the land of China and overseas Chinese. 】What a member should do at this critical moment is: take good personal and family protective measures, do not go out unless necessary, reduce the transmission rate, benefit others is benefit yourself, please take care of our living environment, and trust our work at the same time The front-line medical staff believe that the people and governments of the whole country will and will certainly defeat this battle.

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