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What should I pay attention to when driving a mobile food truck in winter?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-16
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What should I pay attention to when driving a food truck in winter?

The mobile dining car can also be called a multifunctional dining car. In recent years, the emergence of mobile dining trucks has brought great convenience to people's lives and health. Whenever we go out, we can see mobile food trucks everywhere in our lives. A mobile dining cart with grilling, frying and shabu-shabu in one, there are many types of snacks that can be made, such as: oden, spicy, barbecue, fried skewers, steamed buns, teppanyaki [teppanyaki, is a kind of dish How to eat. 】A variety of snacks can also be operated in one car for multiple hours. It is very convenient and simple. The dining car uses a smoke-free barbecue, which is clean and hygienic, so that everyone can eat without worry.

So, what should we pay attention to when driving a mobile dining car in winter? Let us take a look together next!

1: It is forbidden to turn sharply on icy and snowy roads;

2: Don’t brake sharply on icy and snowy roads, because the speed is too fast, the tires are too narrow and the tire pressure is not enough, it is very likely to happen Falling accidents;

3: It is forbidden to drive downhill on icy and snowy roads to avoid safety accidents.

The above is about the issues you should pay attention to when driving a dining car in winter, I hope I can help you!

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