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What to Consider about your Concession Trailer operation.

What to Consider about your Concession Trailer operation.


        Do you need space for one or two people? Or will you have multiple people working different service stations plus inside and out of the vehicle? You want to make sure you have a system going while working with your staff to ensure no accidents occur, or no one is in each other’s way.  Location is key; you want to go where the people are. Will you be focused on street parking locations around busy commerce parks, will you be traveling to locations all over your state and surrounding areas for events or will you be parking your mobile food kitchen in one location permanently? If you plan on moving to multiple locations you should know what times and days will help you make most of your profit

        Do you have a marketing strategy for your food trailer? If you are focused on street parking and joining food truck events, you’ll want to stand out. Are we designing a custom wrap or graphics with your logo and featured food on it? Do you have a design already in mind? Custom awnings, televisions, speakers, microphones, L.E.D. lighting, and signage can help you to stand out in a crowd.

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