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where will you buy your ingredients from?

where will you buy your ingredients from?


        The bottom line is, don’t start out with foods you have not thoroughly tested. This means you need to perfect each recipe to be sure it has the following qualities:

It tastes consistently good

It’s easy to make repeatedly in large quantities.

It’s easy to serve

It’s easy to store & carry

        Next in line is figuring out your sourcing – where will you buy your ingredients from?

        Sourcing your food can be an important factor in planning your purchases, schedule and menu items.

        Common sources include wholesale food distributors, food manufacturers, local and regional suppliers, green markets and farmers markets.

        Determining the right quantities is another matter that you’ll need to deal with, initially by trial and error. If you have the time, spend a couple of hours observing the street food vendors in your area. How many customers do they have per hour? When’s their busiest period? This will help you estimate a potential sales volume, which you can use to draft your shopping list.

        Pay special attention to foods and ingredients that lose their freshness quickly; learn which are the items you can safely keep throughout the day and how many of them you can sell before they go bad.

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