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Which bbq vending trailer company doing ODM?
Compared with OEM service, the ODM service needs one more process - designing. So for customers, the first to do is to check whether the manufacturer is capable of performing competitive and creative design works when searching for an ODM of bbq vending trailer . Knowing more information about the company is the next step. For example, it is necessary to know the scale, manufacturing experience, factory facilities, staff skills, etc. before cooperating with the company. In China, Shanghai Jiexian Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of those companies that can do ODM.

Jiexian Food Trailer achieves a great success at abroad market for its high quality burger trailer with reasonable price. Jiexian Food Trailer's snack cart series contains multiple sub-products. Jiexian motorcycle hot dog cart has gone through workmanship assessment many times for optimal quality. It is checked in terms of the defects of seams and stitching, accessories safety, etc. There are tanks for clean water and wastewater inside it, offering more convenience for users. In the use of this product, people can set assured that they will not be threatened by electromagnetic radiation or electric leakage problems. High-quality galvanized square tubes and plates are used to build chassis, ensuring it strong enough.

The company is dedicated to employees' growth. It provides employees with the opportunity to learn how to run a business, provide excellent customer service, and take on new challenges. Please contact.
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