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Why are you choose JIEXIAN food carts?

Why are you choose JIEXIAN food carts?


        JIEXIAN is a reputable food truck builder and concession trailer builder . Our extensive and elite clientele speaks for itself. We are the industry mobile kitchen builder leader, and if you take a moment to go through our website you will find that you will not need to keep looking elsewhere.

        As you shop by sizes, budget, styles and layouts, you will find suggestions that work to operate a successful kitchen on wheels. We have included affordable and competitive pricing in many of our builds to give you an overall idea of how much a concession trailer for sale cost, or how much a food truck cost. We have many videos which you will find most useful to help you with what you are looking for. Most importantly, our builds top quality and our customer service and technical support will make you feel like you are not alone when it comes to learning about your new mobile business.

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