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Why do I need to maintain an electric sightseeing car?

by:Jiexian     2021-08-18

Electric sightseeing cars of the same model [Electric sightseeing cars, also called sightseeing electric cars, are a type of regional electric cars, which can be divided into residential cars, electric classic cars , Small golf cart. 】Because the life span of different people is obviously different. In fact, the difference is not the quality of the car, but that some drivers do not pay attention to daily maintenance and use them in strict accordance with the operating procedures, which causes an extra burden on the car and makes it overloaded for a long time. In the long run, it is understandable that the service life of electric sightseeing vehicles will decrease. Therefore, maintaining electric sightseeing cars is a very critical link.

The maintenance of sightseeing car tires is closely related to the season. Generally speaking, tires should not be inflated too much in summer, otherwise tire pressure will increase. Of course, the regular tire inspection is to prevent tire leaks, thereby increasing the pressure of the accumulator. Another point is to pay attention to charging the battery regularly, and do not always let the engine run in a power-deficient state. Over time, the storage capacity of the battery will be greatly reduced, leading to a significant power shortage until the battery needs to be replaced, which actually increases the user's investment.


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