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Why Entrepreneurs Buy Donut Trailers? (Part Two)

Why Entrepreneurs Buy Donut Trailers? (Part Two)


        Today, donuts are everywhere, and they still look like the first delicious cakes that Dutch Pilgrims brought into the country.

Famous Donut Franchise Adds a Mobile Kitchen

        There is no doubt that an increasing number of food businesses are starting to realize the benefits of setting up a mobile food business service. Today, food trailers and trucks are on high demand more than ever before, and donuts are on the top of this list. The rise in demand can be attributed to the many benefits they offer, such as low operational costs, increased mobility, and high profitability.

        Dunkin’ Donuts, a worldwide donut franchise which operates in 36 countries, added a mobile kitchen to its collection. You may be wondering why such a popular restaurant franchise with global presence would want a food truck. Well, the truth is that innovative restaurateurs continue to see the high ROI of combining a traditional brick and mortar food outlet with a food trailer. Adding a food truck to its collection presented Dunkin’ Donuts with a wide range of exciting promotional opportunities to reach more customers. A food truck or trailer provides you with a perfect opportunity to organize PR events, outdoor catering, and run successful social media marketing campaigns.

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