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Why is the electric food cart designed like this?

Why is the electric food cart designed like this?


       The design of the electric food cart is small, flexible, fresh and eye-catching, and it is a mobile sales car that is easy to open and close from the side. After the wings are opened and closed, they can act as an umbrella to block sunlight and rain.

       The small and exquisite car allows you to park and operate freely in different places and at different times, ensuring the convenience of business. Convenient for your business. No matter where it is, it is a beautiful scenery, giving people the impression of fashion, vitality and dynamic.

       Not only can be parked in densely populated leisure squares, pedestrian crossings, stations, theaters, piers, campuses, celebrations, stadiums, tourist attractions and other places at any time, but also can be opened to townships, suburbs, rush venues, on-site production and sales, that is, hygiene And fresh. It can also enable operators to quickly and conveniently complete pre-operation preparations and operation stop preparations. It has strong seasonal adaptability and can operate in rainy and winter seasons, increasing the number of effective operating days.

       There are colored lights and ribbons at the rear of the car and the edges of the two wings, which provide electric lights for business at night. Why is the LCD TV at the rear of the electric food cart designed in this way as a tool for advertising.

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