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Why recommend choose when to choose a regular factory orders - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-08
Now a lot of presents on the * * * miscellaneous brands of electric vehicles for breakfast, dear friends, please choose the time choose the manufacturer of formal order oh. The quality of the battery is crucial, prompt broad electric dining car use, first, don't choose to buy quality due to the price of low-quality batteries. Electric dining car batteries, and for the purpose of manufacturing high quality electric dining car battery product line continuation journey far, using full length, security function. Arriving as we have learned, the repair rate in the industry, malatang snack car, safe sex at the industry level, too. Next, want to security charge. Charging to see when the power is secure, don't pull wires in carport and other private, select fixed socket; When charging, want to develop into the battery charger output first outlet, then the communication power supply, charging completes first remove the plug of the habit of communication power supply. Third, the charging time not too long. General electric dining car battery charging time should not be the more than eight 10 hours; After the battery is full of electricity, snack car, should unplug the power supply in time. Fourth, when the electric charge dining car, choose open place alone, rather than the place such as LouDaoKou, safe passage, electric diners don't pile up near flammable items. Fifth, electric diners often should use their investigation, usually eight to ten months electric dining car repair shop to do the maintenance, inspection, should also be accidentally remove from the car battery charging, survey calorific power battery. Assume that the charging time is not long is hot, maybe chan met such situation, the battery can't charge, to block the power supply in time, and consider to replace new battery.
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