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Why use electric dining car glass fiber reinforced plastic material for small train

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

Compared with the iron trains used in traditional road transportation, the trackless tourist trains do not have such high technical specifications. They often use FRP as the shell, because FRP materials have the advantages:


1. The FRP shell of the trackless tourist train has strong designability:

(1) Whether it is possible to flexibly design various structural products according to demand, Consider whether the application of rules can make the product very unilateral.

(2) Can we fully select materials to consider the characteristics of trackless trains, such as: Can we design corrosion-resistant, with very high toughness and dielectric properties in a certain direction? Good products these.

2. The glass fiber reinforced plastic shell of the trackless tourist train is excellent in workmanship:

(1) Can it be based on the appearance and skill of the product? Specifications, usage and total number to flexibly select the forming process.

(2) The process is simple and simple, whether it can be formed at one time, the third one is considered to be prominent, especially for the small number of products that look messy and are not easily formed. Its process advantage.

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